“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”
                                                                                ---James Michener

Like James Michener, I am caught up by the “swirl and swing of words.” The way words sound in the ear and look on the page is to me nearly as important as the information they convey.

Brevity, too, is important.

Economy of words shows restraint and thoughtfulness; good writing is not long-winded. Mark Twain warned writers to “catch and kill” adjectives, to avoid “fluff and flowers and verbosity.”

I strive to produce writing that is clean and concise, every word in its place.

Books I have recently written include National Geographic Traveler Mexico, for the National Geographic Society, and Fodor’s Puerto Vallarta. I co-authored The Unofficial Guide to Mexico’s Best Beach Resorts and Insiders’ Guide to San Diego and have written for Best Places San Diego, Best Places Baja (Sasquatch Books), Access San Diego and Access Mexico (Harper Collins).

Jane Onstott
San Diego, California

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